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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Aksu Topics outline for use of English First semester

Topics outline for use of English (Gss101) First semester.

Aksu Topics outline for use of English  First semester

 Today we have come up with something big and important for you. It going to be fantastic lesson today.
Guest! I know you have gone through the title already .
 Many people have been asking me about topics outline for use of English/ library first semester.

 I decided to come out with it.

 At the end of this Article;

 You will know all the first semester topics on use of English/ Library in the university.

 This Article will will equip you with more knowledge to be well prepared for the main class and exams when it comes up. Note that not all the universities include use of Library in their first semester curriculum. What I need from you is maximum attention. If you pay attention to this tutorial, there is nothing that can stop you from having A's in your exam.

 I'm going to start first with use of Library topics.

 Use of Library topics outline.

 (1.) Introduction to use of Library.

 (2.) Meaning of Library

 (3.). History of Library

 (4.) Types of Library

 (5.) Roles of Library

 (6.) Rules of Library

 (7.) Importance of Library

 (8.) Information Resources

 (9.) Parts of a book

(10.) Non print Resources

 (11.) Copyright and intellectual properties

 (12.) Organisation and Retrieval of Library Resources.

 (13.) Electronics Library

 (14.) Modern technologies in Libraries.

 (15.) Search Engine.

 (16.) Bibliographic and referencing styles.

 Use of English course outline

 Section A:

 Communication skills 

 (a.) Listen skill

 (b.) Reading skills

 (c.) Writing skills


 (1.) Part of speech

 (2.) Description of a sentence

 (3.) Classification of part of speech

 (i.) A noun

 (ii.) A pronoun

 (iii.) Verb

 (iv.) Adjectives

 (v.) Adverb

 (vi.) Tense

 (4.) Case

 (5.) Concord

 (6.) Clauses and phrases

 (7.) Punctuation

 (8.) Figurative or Idiomatic expressions

 (9.) Use of Dictionary / Vocabulary development

 (10.) Antonyms

 (11.) Spell of some difficult words

 (12.) Synonyms

 (13.) Correct usage of words and sentences 

(14.) Direct and reported speeches

 (15.) Figures of speech

 (16.) Segmental

 (17.) Stress and syllable

 Now you have gotten all the first semester topics outline, what is the next step?

 Practice some past questions with us on use of English/Library.

 If you have any word to contribute , use the comment box below. 

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