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Saturday, January 4, 2020



1. How old was Aliya when she read the book ‘Sweet Sixteen’?
*(a)12 years*
(b) 14 years
(c)16 years
2. The book ‘Sweet Sixteen’ made Aliya realize that at 16 years, one is no longer
a child but a_____
 (b) Mature child
*(c)Young adult*
3. At the time Aliya was born, her father was a______
(a)Public relation officer
(b) Imam
4. Aliya’s father is_____
(a)Mr. Ahmed
(b) Mr. Ben
*(c)Mr. Bello*
5. Aliya turned 12 when she was in _____
*(b) JSS1*
6. The closest to any form of celebration in Aliya’s house was _____
(a)Elaborate parties and elaborate dinners
(b) Elaborate prayers and organized parties
*(c)Elaborate dinners and elaborate prayers*
7. On one of Aliya’s birthday cards from her dad, he wrote “…only _____ is
greater than you”
(b) Allah
8. Akin in Aliya’s class called himself ______
(a) King of nerds
*(b) King of boys*
(c)Lady’s guy
9. Aliya turned 16 on a _____
(b) Saturday
10. Aliya’s Mathematics teacher is______
(a)Miss Salami
(b) Miss Sanya
*(c)Miss Salako*
11. Aliya’s roommate who was not a great talker is____
(a)One of the junior students
(b) Bunmi
12. Who always delivers Aliya’s birthday cards from her dad to her while
she is in school
(b) Aliya’s Mum
13. Aliya received a teddy bear gift on what occasion
(a)Her 16th birthday
(b) End of the year school party
*(c)Valentine ’s day*
14. Bobo’s real name was ______
(a)Tony Alabi
*(b) Tokunbo Alabi*
(c)Tokyo Alabi
15. ‘Letter to My Daughter’; the book Aliya read was written by __
(a)Mary Angelou
(b) Maya Angel
*(c)Maya Angelou*
16. Aliya’s 16th birthday gift box contained ______, _____and _____
(a)Standard digital camera, portable birthday card, and a jotter
(b) Portable digital camera, spiral bound jotter, and birthday card
*(c)Compact digital* camera, a spiral-bound document, and birthday card
17. Aliya’s principal was a _____
*(b) Christian*
18. Tokunbo relocated with his parents to ______
(b) Island
19. Aliya’s rascally but smart classmate was _____
(b) Bunmi
20. Aliya’s principle was
(b) Igala
1. Mr. Bello was a fan of _____ football club
(a)Manchester United
(b) Real Madrid
2. Aliya’s jersey had her nickname _____ printed on the back
(a)Most beautiful lady
(b) Daddy’s girl
*(c)First lady*
3. The inscription on the lorry Aliya saw while heading out with her father
was ______
(a)‘No condition is temporary’
(b) ‘Every condition is permanent’
*(c)‘No condition is permanent’*
4. Who said that the fence around Aliya’s house made it look like a
(a)Aliya’s Mum
(b) Aliya
*(c)Aliya’s Grandma*
5. Mr. Bello’s mum was _____
(a)An international businesswoman
*(b) A petty trader*
(c)A Nurse
6. Mr. Bello’s elder sister was fondly called _____ by Aliya
(a)Big Aunty
*(b) Big Mummy*
(c)Big Sister
7. According to Mr. Bello; It is easier not to climb up on an empty stomach than a full one
(a) true
*b) False*
8. The name of the popular fast food Aliya visited with her dad was ___
(a)Aunty Giga
(b) Aunty Gini
*(c)Aunty Gigis*
9. Aliya’s ice-cream flavor that she took during the outing with her dad
was a combination of ___ and ___ flavor
(a)Orange juice and vanilla
(b) Vanilla and strawberry
*(c)Chocolate and vanilla*
10. Mr. Bello said that menstruation was Aliya’s body’s way of saying
that she was ready to be a mother ____
(a)Because of her size
(b) Naturally
11. Who did Aliya say taught her how to menstruate?
(a)Her mum
(b) Grace her quiet roommate
*(c)Her mum and her housemistress*
12. Aliya’s mum’s younger sister was ____
(a)Aunty Salako
(b) Aunty Gigis
*(c)Aunty Molara*
13. Aliya’s dad described her mind as a _____
(a)Beautiful garden
*(b) Beautiful palace*
(c)Beautiful room
14. The name of the magazine Aliya read from her Auntie’s room was
(b) Ulysses
5. Aliya’s grandfather was alive
*(b) False*
16. Aliya determined to keep her 16th birthday letter from her dad
(a)Safe, and paste it in her room
(b) Safe, and if possible write one for her children someday
*(c)Safe, and if possible show it to her children someday*
17. Aliya’s dad pleaded with her not to allow anyone to touches her _____
(a)16th birthday letter
*(b) Digital camera*
(c)Private parts
18. Aliya described her 16th birthday letter as ______
(a)Best textbook ever
(b) Document of life
*(c)Textbook on life*
19. Before Aliya’s Chemistry exam, she read her birthday letter ____
(a)Twice daily
*(b) Twice*
(c)For two hours
20. Aliya’s greatest birthday gift she ever received was ____
(a)Teddy bear
(b) Digital camera
*(c) the letter*


1. Aliya’s mum taught her how to make _____ for her dad
(a)The bed
*(b) Tea*
2. Aliya’s mum taught her to use the kettle to boil water so that the water
would _______
(a)Lose most of its oxygen
(b) Not gain more oxygen
*(c)Not lose most of its oxygen*
3. Aliya’s own mug was color _______
(b) Pink
4. Aliya’s first desired profession was to be a ________
(b) Photographer
5. Aliya wanted to be a doctor particularly because of ________
(a)Her love for humanity
(b) Her desire to help children of her size lose weight
*(c)To help children who suffer from asthma*
6. Whose book did Aliya start reading that made her resolve to be a Lawyer
(a)Maya Angelou
(b) Muhammad Ali
*(c)John Grisham*
7. Of all of Aliya’s subjects, she was particularly concerned about _____
(a)Further Mathematics
(b) Geography
8. The one and the only way to success Mr. Bello told Aliya about was ______
a)Making A grade in Chemistry
(b) Praying daily
*(c)Hard work*
9. Aliya caught a girl cheating in her class during ______ exam
(b) Further Mathematics
10. Mr. Bello’s _______ terrified Aliya
(b) Perfection
11. ‘Ulysses’ poem that Mr. Bello referred to during his discussion with his
daughter was written by ______
(a)Ahmed Lord Tennyson
*(b) Alfred Lord Tennyson*
(c)Alfred Lord Jemison
12. Aliya’s personal motto was from ______
(a)The book ‘The Prophet’
*(b) The poem ‘Ulysses*’
(c)The book ‘Letter to My Daughter’
13. According to Aliya’s father, _____ would make one’s work become
(a)Passion for what you do
(b) Hard work
*(c)Love for what you do*
14. Aliya’s classmate whose father wants him to be a Lawyer was ______
(b) Tokunbo
15. Who ‘taught’ Mr. Bello about children
(a)Kahlil Gibis
(b) Kahill Gibran
*(c)Kahlil Gibran*
16. Gibran the Lebanese poet died in ______
(b) 1933
17. ‘A book can be a ______ into a writer’s mind. Every book is an
invitation to a ______ from the writer’ said Mr. Bello to Aliya
(a)Key, friendship
(b) Window, commitment
(c)Window, relationship
18. Gibran’s book that Mr. Bello made reference to is _____
*(b) The Prophet*
19. ______ was the former first lady of Philippines Mr. Bello compared his
wife’s number of bags and shoes with
(a)Kahlil Gibran
(b) Charles Dickens
*(c)Imelda Marcos*
20. _______ predicted that a day would come that technology would
surpass human interaction and the world would have a generation of idiots
(a) Muhammad Ali
(b) Stephanie Meyer
*(c) Albert Einstein*
21. Twilight was written by ______
(a)Imelda Marcos
(b) Charles Dickens
*(c)Stephanie Meyer*
22. Mr. Bello said that _____ was invented by young people who re-imagined the world by out-thinking everyone else
(b) Facebook
*(c)Social media*


1. The sofas and chairs in Mr. Bello’s house were colored _____ and ______
(a)Blue and pink
*(b) Orange and green*
(c)Yellow and blue
2. The size of Aliya’s house was another reason why she suspected that her
parents planned to have her as an only child
(b) True
3. Aliya’s house had _____ rooms and _____ living rooms respectively
(a)3 and 5
*(b) 5 and 3*
(c)3 and 2
4. ______ held tiny memories of Mr. Bello’s travel around the world
(a)A huge glass cabinet
(b) A huge ceramic cabinet
*(c)A huge mahogany* cabinet
 From Mr. Bello’s travel around the world, there were memories of;
5. The Statue of Liberty from ______
*(b) New York*
(c)South Africa
6. The Tallest building in the world from ______
(b) New York
7. Two hand-painted ostrich eggshells from ______
(b) London
8. Eiffel tower from _____
*(b) Paris*
9. The lion cub from ______
*(a)South Africa*
(b) New York
10. The Pyramids and the sphinx from _______
*(b) Egypt*
(c)New York
11. The Tower Bridge and the bright red telephone booth from _____
(b) Tanzania
12. A Massive couple from ______
*(b) Nairobi*
(c)South Africa
13. The decorated plates got by Aliya’s mum from ______
*(b) China*
(c)New York
14. Mr. Bello called his gallery full of memories of his travel _____
(a)Museum of memories
*(b) Museum of mementos*
(c)Museum collections
15. Mr. Bello’s favorite weekend breakfast was _____
(a)Akara balls and orange juice
(b) Bread, Akara, and orange juice
*c)Akara balls, bread, and coke*
16. Aliya’s mum attended _______ secondary school
(a)Muhammed Ali Memorial College
(b) Federal Government College of Nursing
*(c)Federal Government Girl’s College*
17. Aliya’s mum had a degree in Nursing from ______
(a)University of Nigeria
(b) University of London
*(c)University of UK*
18. Aliya’s parents met _______
*(a)When Mr. Bello was writing a story on road accident victims as cub*
(b) When Aliya’s mum returned from the UK
(c)When Aliya’s mum finished from Nursing school
19. Aliya’s parents met ________
(a)When Aliya’s mum was a young nurse working in a clinic
*(b) When Aliya’s was working in the Accident and Emergency ward of the*
*hospital as a young Nurse*
(c)When Aliya’s mum just finished Nursing school
20. According to Mr. Bello, _______ fought for his country to gain
independence from Great Britain
(a)Indira Gandhi
*(b) Mahatma Gandhi*
(c)Nehru Gandhi
21. _______ chose to live a life of poverty to demonstrate that a human
being does not really need much to survive
(a)Indira Gandhi
*(b) Mahatma Gandhi*
(c)Nehru Gandhi
22. Aliya thought her dad would make a great teacher because he tends to
(a)Read so many books
(b) Tell lots of stories
*(c)Over-explain things*
23. Mr. Bello described those who can do anything without minding what
others think about them as ______
(b) Lazy


1. At what age did Aliya ask her dad if she could have a boyfriend
(a)14 years
(b) 12 years
*(c)16 years*
2. Mr. Bello’s elder sister referred to TVs looking black and dead in Lagos market
as ______
(a)Second hand
(b) No testing
3. Aliya’s bibs when she was a baby and almost all her first belongings were
(a)Bought from expensive stores
*(b) Branded with her nickname*
(c)Branded with Chelsea’s logo
4. Aliya’s mum says that Aliya was a Chelsea fan by ______
(a)The influence of her school mates
*(b) Genetic engineering*
(c)Divine appointment
5. On the occasion, Mr. Bello’s club played in the Champions League final that
Aliya could remember, his team played against ______
(a)Manchester City
(b) Arsenal
*(c)Manchester United*
6. To Mr. Bello, any issue could be clarified and seen for what it really is, when
one applies ______
(a)Gandhi test
*(b) Five-way principle*
(c)Prayer and meditation principle
7. Aliya called ‘HAK’, ‘KOTL’, etc
(a) slang
b) Normal terms
*(c)Social media language*
8. To Mr. Bello, relationships between boys and girls of Aliya’s age were mostly
ruled by _____
*(b) Infatuation*
9. Aliya discarded the teddy bear from Bobo and forgot about it forever
*(b) False*
10. Aliya’s classmate who she saw walking to the refectory with Bobo is
(b) Moji
11. Aliya had a nightmare about Bobo and her classmate ______ each
(b) Fightimg
12. ‘Do you know any Cardiologist because my heart skips a beat every
the time I think of you’. This statement was written by ______ for _______
(a)Bobo to Aliya
(b) Akin to Grace
*(c)Zak to Aliya*
13. ‘…I pray that your life would never be a warning to others, but a good
example’. This prayer was made to _____ by _____
(a)Aliya, Aliya’s mum
(b) Aliya, Grace
*(c)Aliya, Mr. Bello*
14. The students that were caught having sex in Aliya’s school, were caught
in the _____
(b) Garden
*(c)Basketball court*
15. Mr. Bello’s favorite singer is ____
*(b) The Malian singer*
(c)Jim Reeves
16. Mr. Bello described ______ as a universal language that speaks to the
soul and not just to the ears
(b) Reading
17. ‘KPC’ according to Aliya means ______
(a)Know Parents Case
(b) Keep People Clueless
*(c)Keep Parents Clueless*
18. Aliya felt _____ for the girl who was suspended in her school
*(b) Embarrassed*
19. After Aliya had thrown the teddy bear away, she picked it up ______
*(a)After almost an hours*
(b) After 2 days
20. The color of almost all of Aliya’s first belongings on earth was ______
(b) Pink

1. The book which turned out to be a good sleeping pill for Aliya was ______
(a)Great Expectations
*(b) The Prophets*
2. Aliya was never a night person, so she ‘thought’ she was ______
*(b) Solar powered*
3. Aliya’s favorite sleeping position would remind anyone of _______
(a)An innocent baby
*(b) A full-grown fetus that was reluctant to be born*
(c)A newborn baby that was helpless
4. The easiest way to get into trouble with Mr. Bello was for him to get to know
that _______
(a)You allowed someone to touch your private parts
(b) You failed Chemistry
*(c)You have not said your morning prayers when the sun was already up*
5. The slippers Aunty Molara gave Aliya was ______
(a)Soft, had 4 long ears, looked like cats
*(b) Soft, had 2 long ears, looked like rabbits*
(c)Hard, had 2 long ears, looked like rabbits
6. While Mr. Bello would carry on as if everything was okay, especially if Aliya
was around, Aliya’s mum was ______
*(b) Like an open book*
7. ‘Muslims will go to hell because Muslims do not believe in Jesus and them
like to kill people’. This statement was made by _______
(b) Aliya’s principal
8. The event that led to the statement in number 7, was the discussion about
(a)Boko Haram
(b) Kidnapped Chibok girls
*(c)Laziness of police*
9. During the conversation that led to the statement in number 7, who asked
‘What has Aliya got to do with this?’
(b) Bunmi
10. Aliya was not the only Muslim girl in her room
(b) True
11. _______ who was Aliya’s classmate had a reputation for being mean
and did not have many friends
*(b) Rebecca*
12. According to Mr. Bello, only _____ respond to provocation with a fight
(b) Christians
13. The Cartoonist who portrayed Islam as a violent religion, that caused
Muslims to launch an attack that killed people, was ____
(a)A British Cartoonist
(b) A Christian Cartoonist
*(c)A Danish Cartoonist*
14. ‘Hating people because of their color is wrong. It does not matter who
does the hating. It is plain wrong’. Who made this statement?
(a)Mr. Bello
*(b) Muhammad Ali*
(c)Michael West
15. The kind of generalization by Aliya’s classmate about Muslims is called
*(b) Stereotype*
16. ‘The most beautiful garden is the one that has different colors and
flower’. This statement was made by ______
*(a)Mr. Bello*
(b) Muhammad Ali
(c)Albert Einstein
17. The person who Aliya’s mum made reference to that no one blamed for
his evil, was ______
(b) Akin
(c)Osama Bin Ladin
18. According to Mr. Bello, there are about _____ Muslims in the world
(a)1.6 million
(b) 1 million
*(c)1.6 billion*
19. Aliya’s mum referred to those who exploded a bomb around the
Prophet’s Mosque in Medina as ______
(b) Fake Muslims
*(c)Bloodthirsty Maniacs*
*From the story of the European slave traders and the villagers from West Africa,*

*answer numbers 20 and 21.*
20. ‘It is not my place to punish you for whatever sin you may have
committed, but it is my duty to help another human being who needs my
help’. Who made this statement?
*(a) a former captive*
(b) The white man
(c)Mr. Bello
21. The white slaver because of the act of kindness showed to him by the
former captive, resolved to ________
*(a)Dedicate the rest of his life to fighting against the evil of slavery and slave*
(b) Donate half of his family’s wealth to the former captive
(c)Compensate the families of those he enslaved in the past


1. Aliya’s dad was ______
*(a)In his early forties*
(b) In his early fifties
(c)In his late forties
2. The author of Great Expectations is _______
(a)Charles Dick
(b) Charles Dickson
*(c)Charles Dickens*
3. ‘…It is possible to change people simply by not behaving like them’. Who
made this statement?
(a)Author of Great Expectations
(b) Aliya’s mum
*(c)Aliya’s dad*
4. Aliya’s teacher who called her names because of her size was her ____
(b) Further Mathematics
5. The teacher in number 4 described Aliya as ______
(b) Mesomorph
6. Fatima was the name of a girl in Aliya’s class
(b) False
7. _____ made it her life mission to always pick on Aliya because of her size and
probably because she thought Aliya felt she was better than others
(a)Aliya’s teacher
(b) Akin
8. ‘Nobody can hurt me without my permission’ was a quote by ____
(a)Mr. Bello
(b) Charles Dickson
*(c)Mahatma Gandhi*
9. Who described Aliya as the most beautiful girl in the world?
*(a)Mr. Bello*
(b) Aliya’s mum
(c)Tokunbo Alabi
10. The only place Mr. Bello told Aliya that he had seen everyone looking
the same is ______
(a)On social media
*(b) In the Mosque*
(c)In can of sardines
11. Mr. Bello told Aliya that in Mauritania, they used to have _______

where girls were force-fed to fatten up because in that society, attractive
women were the plump ones.
(a)Modern hotels
(b) Beauty spas
12. Mr. Bello pointed out that one of the reasons why girls bleach their skin
was because of ______
(a)Black spots
(b) Over-confidence
*c)Lack of* *self-confidence*
13. ‘I would hate to change who I am because of a man’. Who made this
(a)Aliya’s mum
*(b) Aliya*
14. ‘Going out of your way to make other people happy without expecting
anything in return’ was used to define being ____ by _____
(a)Kind, Mr. Bello
(b) Generous, Aliya
*(c)Generous, Mr. Bello*
15. ‘Always expect to be treated like a queen’, was said by _____ to _____
(a)Mr. Bello, Aliya
(b) Muhammad Ali, Aliya
*(c)Muhammad Ali,* *Muhammad Ali’s* daughter
16. Bunmi was not in the same class as Aliya, but was in the same hostel,
and the same room as her.
*(b) False*
17. ‘Making a meaningful impact in the lives of others’ is what Mr. Bello
described as _____
(b) Generalization
18. Aliya desired to donate ______ to her school clinic
(b) Inhaler
(c)Hard work
19. Aliya called her dad the greatest father in the whole world
*(b) False*
20. Where the hunter found food and drink in the courtyard, the signboard
read ____ underneath the ‘Food is Ready’ statement
(a)‘All you can eat for free, Jesus has paid for your food’
(b) ‘All you can eat for free, Allah has paid for your food’
*(c)‘All you can eat for free, your ancestors have paid for your food’*
21. Mr. Bello believed that he had paid his dues to Aliya because, _____
(a)He gave her the best of education and spent time with her
*(b) Of the conversations he had with Aliya* *previously and presently, and*
*the letter he wrote to her on her 16th birthday*
(c)He told her a lot of stories and had her as an only child

_All answers have been highlighted._
We wish you good luck

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