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Thursday, January 16, 2020

selected topics for 2020

Selected Topics for 2020 Wassce
▶Density, Acid & Bases
▶Chemical Bonding, Air Movement
▶Food&Nutrition, Electrical Energy
▶Ruminant Production (Cow)
▶Machines, Waves & Forces

▶Transfer Of Heat, Planet & Gravity
▶Circular Motions, Projectiles
▶Inclined Planes, Machines, Pulleys, Engines
▶Light, Optical Instruments, Sounds, Waves
▶Current, Electricity, Magnetic Fields, Alternating Current
▶Nuclear Physics, Electronics

▶Sexual Reproduction in Plants
▶Excretion, Ecology
▶Genetics & Variation
▶Spirogyra, Rhizopus & Honey Bee
▶Ornamental Plants & Lawns

▶Probability & Statistics
▶Matrices & Calculus
▶Sets, Indices & Logarithms
▶Bearings, Vectors in a Plane
▶Modular Arithmetic
▶Sequences & Series Construction

▶Synthetic Polymers
▶Rate of Reaction, Solubility
▶Fats & Oil,  Protein & carbohydrates
▶Acid, Bases & Salt
▶Energy & Enthalpy
▶Chemical Reaction

▶Relations & Functions
▶Sequences & Series
▶Rationalization of Numbers
▶Binomial Theorem, Parabola
▶Application of Integration
▶Vectors & Mechanics

▶Environmental Challenges
▶Adolescent Reproductive Health
▶National Independece & Self Reliance
▶The Youth & National Development

You can now start to practice on some w aec past questions and answers  in other  to  acquire  more knowledge.

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